KIM, TAE-IN (김 태인)

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  • College of Engineering, Inha University(2020 ~ present)

  • College of Engineering, Inha University(2013 ~ 2020)

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Ph.D Candidate)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (M.S)

Information & Communication Engineering (B.S)

Relevant Cources(Graduate): Advanced Multimedia, Advanced Operating System, Probabilistic Reasoning, Digital Signal Processing, Parallel Video Processing Programming, Digital Speech Processing

Relevant Cources(Undergraduate): Android Programming, Computer Graphics, Database Design, Computer Architecture, IoT Application System, Embedded System Design

Object Oriented Programming, Internet Programming, Assembly Language Programming, Data Structures, Algorithm, System Programming


  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Inha University (2020. 3 ~ Present) as Graduate Researcher

  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Inha University (2019. 9 ~ 2020.2) as Undergraduate Research Assistant


  • Embedded Computing Laboratory, Inha University (2018.11 ~ 2019.5) as Undergraduate Research Assistant

  • Image and Vision Computing Laboratory, Inha University (2017.4 ~ 2017.8) as Undergraduate Research Assistant [Link]

  • Whykeykey Soft (2015. 11 ~ 2016. 7, 2017.1 ~ 2017. 2, 2018.1 ~ 2018.4) as Assistant Manager (대리)

Participated in developing FIDO solution(Android app, FIDO server, etc)

Developed FIDO 2.0 communication between Android device and finger vein detector under USB protocol.

Developed XML parser & digital signature and encryption in C++.

Researched following topics:

* Bitcoin

* Tensorflow

* Gartner Annual Reports

* System trader

* FIDO 2.0

Developed program which can detect virtual environment or remote desktop software.

Researched how to construct massive data collecting and finding system using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

Surveyed best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for the company and documented.

Probed Microsoft Excel libraries developed with Python language and compared them.


Illustrated the way making own website with Internet Information Service of Windows and WordPress.

Introduced some development environment which can make audio software from audio player to digital signal processor.

Compared which can help on deciding appropriate environment to build their program.


DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-78645-8_43

자동화 네트워크 침입 탐지 시스템 (1저자)

Be listed on: The 50th KIEE Summer Conference 2019 [Link]

DOI: 10.1109/ISCC47284.2019.8969630

[IEEE Xplore]

Be listed on: 2019 Workshop on Communications in Critical Embedded Systems (as part of IEEE ISCC 2019)

Implemented Whitelist ruleset save-modify-remove features on BRAM in FPGA based on SPI protocol.

Finalized FPGA code to generate interrupt signal toward PS(CPU) when malicious packet has arrived.

모바일 GPU에서의 실시간 스테레오 정합 파이프라인 분석 (2저자)

Be listed on: 30th Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding (제 30회 영상처리 및 이해에 관한 워크샵) [Link]

Constructed OpenCL programming environment on Android.

Ported and optimized stereo matching algorithms(SAD, ASW, …) from C++ to OpenCL C.

Established pipeline for getting real time stereo vision with USB stereo camera. (Used [UVCCamera])

Extracurricular Activities

  • 2015 KUCIS (Korea University Clubs Information Security) Seminar (5. 2015)

Presented on introducing how to detect virtual computer environment in National Police Agency.

  • Best Of Best (Information Security Leader Program) (7. 2013 ~ 12. 2013)

Finished the program course and involved in project finding vulnerability of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Researched the NFC technology and documented the result of the project.

  • BOINC (Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) (2014 ~ Present)

Supporting project: [Cosmology@Home], [Enigma@Home]

  • Composing music (2008 ~ Present)

[Melon] [Bugs] [Apple Music / iTunes][Bandcamp]

[Soundcloud] [Soundcloud (Old)]

Volunteer Experiences

  • Younghwa Tourism Management High School (3. 2015 ~ 6. 2015)

Guided 4 students to find their aptitudes and path with reading books related with their major. Also helped them to improve their English skills.